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Pro Chronograph speed tester for hunting


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Name of product Professional chronograph (portable chronoscope) Material ABS resin aluminum alloy Weight About 203g Product Dimensions (mm) 17.5 × 8.6 × 3.7 Power source And driven by AC100V power and built-in rechargeable battery Detail And measurement by both units of M / S · F / S can -firing cycle can be measured a six patterns can be stored preset memory function set arbitrarily in diameter, the weight and the metal pipe that is difficult to break in and measurement Kan adopt -Large backlit LCD display with Tripod (sold separately) can be attached tripod can easily be used even outdoors so-rechargeable battery built-in type and level check function deployment, rechargeable battery , auto power off function deployment Correspondence Compatible with toy gun which emits a paintball bullet and BB bullet Accessories Chronoscope body × 1, charging adapter × 1